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v3.0 Released

  • Razor (VBHTML, CSHTML) support
  • Visual Studio 2012 support

Project Description

Resource Refactoring Tool 2010 is a port of Resource Refactoring Tool for Visual Studio 2010/12. It allows developers to extract strings from Visual Basic, C#, XAML, Razor and ASP.NET source code to RESX files.

Current version installs as MSI package. I'd like to convert it to VSIX package if I ever figure out how.

Visit project page on Visual Studio Code Gallery.


Usage of this tool is simple:

  1. Install it
  2. Open your VB, CS, XAML, CSHTML, VBHTML, ASPX, ASCX or MASTER source file.
  3. Locate a string you want extract to resource.
  4. Right click and from menu select Refactor | Extract to resource (or extract to resource in some contexts).
  5. Select resource file to extract string to.
  6. The tool adds a new entry to selected RESX file and replaces string with reference to that resource file.


  1. Language support
    1. Visual Basic
    2. C#
    3. XAML
    4. MVC Razor views (CSHTML, VBHTML)
    5. ASP.NET markup (ASPX, ASPX, MASTER)
  2. Preview changes before refactoring
  3. Refactor to any RESX file in project
  4. Replace multiple occurrences of same string (VB, C#)
  5. Suggest similar existing resources when refactoring

Context menu
Refactor dialog
Preview changes

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